Vapor Curing II - KraftCuring

Vapor Curing II - KraftCuring

Vapor Curing II - KraftCuringKraftCuring > Products > Vapor Curing II. Vapor Curing II. VAPOR curing concrete pipe and precast. A direct-fired vapor generator in conjunction with temperature sensor(s) and motorized vapor control valve(s) accelerates concrete strength gain and increases concrete quality through the controlled addition of heat and humidity. Concrete Pipe - KraftCuringVapor Curing II. Controlled addition of heat and humidity for the accelerated curing of concrete pipe, drainage products and other precast concrete productsHomepage - KraftCuring"32 °C and 98% rH and everything remains dry!" Paving stone production at its best! Quadrix® in Action The four components of the Quadrix® Accelerated Concrete Curing System - optimal insulation of the curing chamber, low velocity air circulation, precise control of the curing temperature and relative humidity - eliminate condensation problems and ensure consistently high early strength.Concrete Curing Tents - KraftCuringVapor curing, steam curing, misting, and air circulation systems can easily be integrated and built into the tent. Retractable tents are very useful as curing environments for large precast concrete parts such as pipes, drainage pipes, precast, and preload elements.Insulated Curing Chambers - KraftCuringInsulated concrete curing chambers from KRAFT CURING are available for all types of curing methods and are ideal for increasing the concrete quality while reducing curing costs by up to 50%. Optimally insulated curing chambers reduce heat and moisture loss for more effective and efficient concrete hardening.

Technology - KraftCuringCuring is a process that maintains a satisfactory moisture content and temperature in the curing environment. Thus, curing controls the movement of temperature and moisture into and out of concrete during its early stage strength development so that it obtains its desired properties thus making concrete the more popular building material.About us - KraftCuringVapor curing systems were advanced by KRAFT in the early 1990s in Northern America resulting in a reduction in energy costs associated with curing concrete using a boiler by up to 60%. In the mid 1990s KRAFT introduced the direct-fired vapor technology to Europe where it was further developed and introduced to the global concrete industry.

Kraft racks - KraftCuringFrom storage to curing: Heavy-duty racks from KRAFT CURING combine storage and curing, making the Kraft Rack the only true curing rack on the market. Learn more here KRAFT Curing – Innovation made in Germany.

CONCRETE - cdn.tne-cms.comWWW.KRAFTCURING.COM VAPOR CURING II ACCELERATED CONCRETE CURING SYSTEM CONCRETE PIPE AND PRECAST YOUR BENEFIT harder bells and spigots, less breakage 60% lower operating cost than a steam boiler small footprint, simple and safe to operate 8-12 hour hardening duration for concrete pipe, 4-8 hour hardening duration for precast concrete

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